Frequently Asked Questions

In order to access the SimManager Documentation, you should have a valid SimCompanion Account.

Q. I don't have a SimCompanion account.

Q. I have an active SimCompanion account, and want access to SimManager Documentation.

Q. I have an active SimCompanion account, but I forgot my password

Q. I clicked on Help link on Homepage in SimManager product, it opened a new page with "An Error Has Occured"

Q. I need further help logging in.


A. Create / Register a SimCompanion Account

  1. Go to and click on the "Register" link on top of the page.
    Register Link
  2. Fill in the details in order to register for a SimCompanion account.
    register gateway
  3. This will send a mail to the e-mail ID you mentioned while registration. You should verify the e-mail ID by clicking the activation link in the mail. The activation link remains valid for 24 hours.

    password hint
  4. You will also get an e-mail when your SimManager Documentation subcription is successful.


B. Subscribe to SimManager Documentation

  1. Go to and login with your SimCompanion login credentials.
  2. Go to and check the checkbox under "SimManager Documentation Subscription" and click "Submit".

    simmanager subscription
    On successful subscription you will get the following message. Note that, you will only be able to access the documentation after you receive an email about the account activation.


C. Reset the SimCompanion account password


  1. Go and click the "Forgot Password" link.

  2. Enter your registered e-mail account.
  3. Check the checkbox and click "Send Password Hint" to receive the hint.

  4. Check your mail for the password hint, enter the hint from the password in the checkbox again. Let's say the hint here is "party" (without quotes).
  5. Confirm the e-mail and password hint and press "Reset Password".
  6. Check the mail for the temporary password and follow the link to enter the temporary password and the password link.
  7. Now you can subscribe to SimManager Documentation using the procedure mentioned here.


D. I clicked on Help link on Homepage in SimManager product, it opened a new page with "An Error Has Occured"

This error occurs when the user is already logged(as AnotherUser) into SimManager documentation and user clicks Help Link from the Product wherein the Email Id( entered for the logged-in user in SimManager is different from this user.

In such cases, the email id needs to be corrected inside the product i.e. the email id configured inside SimManager and the email id used to login to SimManager documentation should be same.

An Error Occured


Edit Email:

Edit User Info


Edit User Info Form


E.Further Help

For further assistance please write an email to MSC SimManager customer support.